Academic program

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A typical day in the meeting will start with  core introductory lectures with a slightly more focus on the theoretical concepts from the topics, but with coverage of the basics of the main experimental  platforms too.

Some of the topics the lectures will focus will be:

  1. Many-body physics basics: Tools, methods and important effects
  2. Numerical methods for strongly correlated systems (including tensor networks)
  3. Methods and tools to treat driven dissipative many-body systems (including Master equation and Keldysh formalism)
  4. Gauge and topological physics with light
  5. Many-body physics with semiconductor polaritons
  6. Quantum simulations  with superconducting circuits
  7. Integrated photonic chips and quantum simulations


The lectures will be followed  invited talks on the state of the art in the field.  There will also be a limited number of contributed talks as well as poster sessions, ideally delivered by junior researchers, in selected hot topics areas. Each of these sessions will be separated by intermediate breaks that are long enough to both continue discussion generated at the lectures and also include collective activities such as hiking, swimming in the beach next to the conference site and resting