Speakers and lecturers

Lecturers and topics (preliminary list and topics)

Jeremy Baumberg, University of Cambridge, UK (Many-body physics with semiconductor polaritons)

Sebastian Diehl, TU Dresden, Germany (Out of equilibrium many-body quantum systems: Phases and methods)

Dieter Jaksch, University of Oxford, UK (Numerical methods for strongly correlated quantum systems)

Jiannis Pachos, University of Leeds, UK (Topological quantum information)

Alexander Szameit, FSU Jena, Germany (Integrated photonic chips for quantum simulation) [part 1] [part 2]

Andreas Wallraff, ETH Zurich, Switzerland (Superconducting quantum circuits)

Peter Zoller, Innsbruck, Austria (Quantum simulations with quantum optical systems)

Invited Speakers

Alberto Bramati, Lab Kastler Brossel, France
Iacopo Carusotto, University of Trento, Italy
Eden Figueroa, University of Stony Brook, USA
Dario Gerace, University of Pavia, Italy
Mohammad Hafezi, JQI and University of Maryland, USA
Michael Hartmann, Herriot Watt, UK
Jens Koch,  Northwestern University, USA
Robert Keil, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Jonathan Matthews, University of Bristol, UK
Mikhail Pletyukov, Aachen University, Germany
Helmut Ritsch, University of Inssbruck, Austria
Pedram Roushan, Google, USA
Vincenzo Savona, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Sebastian Schmidt, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Martin Weitz, University of Bonn, Germany
Phillip Walther, University of Vienna, Austria
Vasilios Yannopappas, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

COST NQO WorkGroup 4 Annual Meeting Invited Speakers

Christophe Couteau, University of Technology of Troyes and CNRS, France
Giuseppe Calajo, Technical University of Vienna, Austria
Irene d’Amico, University of York, UK
Sile Nic Chormaic, OIST Japan
Vahid Sandoghdar, MPQ Erlangen, Germany
Emmanuel Paspalakis, University of Patras, Greece
Hashem Zoubi, University of Hannover, Germany

Contributed Talks

Wim Casteels, Laboratoire Matériaux et Phénomènes Quantiques
James Douglas, Theoretical Quantum-Nano Photonics, ICFO Barcelona
Michael Gullans, Maryland, US
Marijana Milicevic, Optics of Semiconductor nano structures, LPN Marcoussis
Hwang Myung-Joong, Institute of Theoretical Physics, ULM University
Davide Rossini, Scuola Normale Superiore
Alexandre Roulet, Centre for Quantum Technologies
Stefan Schutz, Theoretical Quantum Physics, Saarland University
Meinrad Sidler, Quantum Photonics Group, ETH Zurich
Jirawat Tangpanitanon, Centre for Quantum Technologies
Alejnadro Tudela, MPQ Munich, Germany
Giorgos Tsironis, University of Crete, Rethymno